By our reporter

Family members to fallen ex-minister Hajj Akbar Adoko Nekyon have come out to claim that their relative may have been killed.

Through their lawyers Maknot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates, the family members allege that Nekyon died under mysterious circumstances from a hotel room at Sheraton Hotel Kampala not at Nsambya Hospital as it was stated at first.

They say at the time of his death, he was guarded at all times by at least to police officers and that one officer called Ogweng Jimmy is reportedly under arrest and detained in a secret place.

In a letter dated 8 May, 2018, the lawyers told the Director of police Criminal Investigation Department that their clients suspect close family members of whom some are prominent politicians who had financial and property issues with the deceased to be behind his death.

They say ever since Nekyon died, these suspected family members have been persistently trying to access his house.

“That since the death of Hon. Nekyon his family members who live with him, including a little boy of 10 years, have been harassed, trailed and threatened. Our clients have details,” Lawyers told CID Director.

They further asked police to open an investigation regarding Nekyon’s death.