By Najibu Mulema

According to National Drugs Authority(NDA), to blacklist these drugs from the market, they first made thorough research and found the drugs harmful and life risking.

The six drugs in question include; netvaicain plain, univital multi vitamin, hydrapres injection, agonal, lyopox ppr and vitamin B complex. Some of these drugs are used to treat diabetes and others act as pain killers. Solomon Onen, NDA official said If a person uses such drugs he can get a headache or slight rash and if reaches an advanced stage it may lead to hospitalisation. Even though, NDA is responsible for monitoring the quality and quantity of drugs in the Uganda, it doesn’t know the exact ammount of the blacklisted drugs on market in the country.

However, Peter Ssali, head of quality management in NDA said, “all people selling these drugs should hand them over to the authority within one month so that we can take the drugs to Nakasongola to be burnt.” Ssali added that whoever refused to abide by the development,his license to import or sell drugs will be revoked.