By Najibu Mulema

Remember the time when NTV lost most of its top journalists to its main  competitor, Nbs.
The war of words is over for the two stations competiting for the top most position in the media industry of Uganda.

In the due process, journalists like Solomon Serwanja and RukhiShan Namuyimba abandoned Ntv for Nbs. After the workers relocation we thought the competition between the  rival media houses had ended.
Now another battle between the two television stations has taken a new twist.

After the return of Dr Kizza Besigye and shabby treatment by the Uganda, television stations are out doing themselves to prove who was providing first hand information about the former presidential candidate.

Last night, Ntv Uganda produced a pre recorded Besigye talking about how he was grabbed and arrested by police and civil aviation authorityon Monday.
Nbs had however gone another step, to secure him for their now popular political show The Frontline which airs on Thursday night. Besigye was a panelist alongside the usual suspects veteran politician Dr. Miria Matembe, DP’s Nobert Mao, Ofwono Opondo, and police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

According to Ntv Uganda’s pre recorded Besigye’s speech, it only outlined the side of Dr Besigye for whom he was not sure whether it was the police or the civil aviation authority arrested him at the airport and it did not tell why Besigye was grabbed and arrested by the alleged parties.

In NBS lining up Dr Besigye, Felix Kaweesi, Ofwono Opondo, Miria Matembe and Nobert Mao, the television proved a point. Here the unturned questions were answered clearly.

While on Nbs, Dr Besigye repeated his earlier assertion that he couldn’t tell who arrested him, he only saw Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials grabbing him so he couldn’t tell whether it was police or CAA and he was put in a CAA van which took him to old airport.

However, Andrew Felix Kaweesi the police spokesperson said the police is  the one which arrested Besigye from the airport and the CAA had nothing to do with the action.

Prior FDC party had told the police of Dr Besigye’ s return on 29 September but they changed the date to 3rd October
“We had only prepared for Thursday, they didn’t  notify us upon change of plans but they decided to mobilise people to welcome Dr Besigye. But because they were going to cause disorders,we had to do a preventive arrest,” Kaweesi told the show hosted by journalist Charles Odongtho.

As for air domination debate. It’s clear who won the night. You know which talkshow you watched.