By our reporter

Just days after Douglas Lwanga joining NBS, the Kamwokya based television station has been put under fire for making it a trend to poach NTV staff.

A few days ago NBS unveiled Douglas as their new catch poached from the Serena based station.

Douglas who was hosting famous the ‘beat show’ on NTV is now hosting a new show on NBS dubbed ‘Katchup’ with socialite Anita Fabiola.

Douglas is not the first NTV employee to be poached by NBS after being promised fat salaries.

Staff like Solomon Serwanja, MC Kats, Rukh Shan Namuyimba, Dean Sava, Moses Walugembe, Charles Odong’otho among others have for the past two years been poached by NBS.

We understand that station under Next Media is on an onslaught to overthrow its stiff competitor and they will stop at nothing, including dangling better offers for star NTV staff.

However, now the station has been put under spot light for always ‘raiding’ the leading television station and aggrieve it of its shinning employees.

A number of facebookers have criticised NBS for their uptake.

Some people think however much NBS poaches most of NTV staff, it will never ‘beat’ it unless it moves an extra mile to entice NTV strategists since they contribute a lot in making presenters, journalists to shine as well as focusing on being original.

Below are some of the comments from Facebook users;

Joe Elunya SnrIt requires rocket science to understand why NBS TV continues to ‘poach’ NTV staff. Those poached become a shadow of themselves while there. For example very few people watch NBS news despite the poaching but the morning breeze which has their home grown has the highest rating. Also they are a class apart in live coverage. Wouldnt that be the niche to the top? Again this is my opinion and it’s not free of error

James Kutosi One thing I have known and learnt about viewership is originality of content. Individuals will never be better than institutions. Goodwill in business is built of over time. What NTV did to WBS can not be done by NBS to NTV. Let NBS maintain it’s style and do what NTV did to the former teens presenter Tumusiime. I am not against Lwanga moving but it is important not to import all the time finished products. Home grown is better.

David Wabukye I am personally very worried about the future of NBS TV reason being it’s current state of booming is directly supported by the efforts of NTV which is dangerous.
Like James Kutosi said home grown is better, easy to manage and have sense of brand ownership and belonging. I am anticipating a huge staff move from NBS TV to yet another new, bigger and better TV soon or later since most of these staff shifting has been based on better pay, better working conditions in name of “better offer”

Remember better offers never stop but grooming ur own basically reduces “Better offer” standard of work.

Let’s watch this space, Joe don’t delete this post, Facebook will remind us years to come


This picture sums up what NBS needs to do beat NTV.

I said yesterday that they will need to shop more than famous faces from the competition. They need the “backroom” staff that we never see on TV.

The mediocrity and lack of attention to detail still sets the two stations miles apart. Look at the picture again and see if you notice the problem.

Mowzey Radio (R.I.P) used to spell his name as MOWZEY. NBS probably has more than 60 videos of Mowzey Radio & weasel with song credits, so the backroom guys should have known better.

For NBS last night it was MOZEY, without the “W”. Most probably a producer of another NBS show will spell it as MOZE (Let me wait for their afternoon music show). This is not a grammatical error, just lack of attention to detail that creates public perception of the serious and unserious station.

Excellence is a culture that NTV has and NBS is still grappling with. Like I suggested yesterday, they need to poach more than famous faces from NTV.

Right there are NBS’ new famous faces of Douglas Lwanga and Anita Fabiola with the same old “backroom” NBS people who might never have noticed there was a grave error if I hadn’t typed this post.

Dear NBS, please hire some NTV producers, editors, script writers and cameramen to make the faces NTV made famous still look good on NBS.

Jaluum Luwizza Herberts I was hosted on NBS live at 9 early this week. Earlier in the day I was asked how my name is spelled. I sent them my name with the correct spellings but I was surprised when the graphics guy spelt my name as jaloom Louise instead of jaluum luwizza even after I had whatsapped them the correct spelling. I find that part of their production still lacking a bit. The behind the scenes works.

Hassie Kaddu Ye ki obalabula. Their credibility is weak to some of us who really follow up events btn them n NTV. They r obsessed with NTV BUT tebamalako na mu na kenya. Btw they doing good…baffaaki? Cuz right abput now on ur CV what one needs as experience is WORKED AT NTV in the year….bla bla🤣🤣🤣weak!

Daaki Sadat I think when it comes to NBS’s picture quality, it’s an infrastructure problem.
Broadcast Infrastructure at NBS May be a somewhat outdated.
But then again, look at their studio arrangement, they can compact a panel of 6 in a tiny space and a claustrophobic person worries.
I am sorry to say this but, may be the are rushing too much to where they aren’t supposed to be.