By Watchdog reporter

Yesterday, social critic Frank Gashumba revealed to the nation that he was never fired by NBS TV but rather he resigned due to failure to reach an understanding between him and NBS TV boss Kin Kariisa who wanted to include a moderator in The Eagle show which idea, Gashumba never welcomed.

However, according to the statement issued today by the station, it gives a far different count on what really led to Gashumba’s dismissal from NBS.

NBS alleges that it took a decision to review The Eagle talk show, where Gashumba was a panelist. As part of the stations practice, there is always a periodic review of shows geared at meeting emerging dynamics and viewership demands.

“After several successful episodes, we decided to enlist the service of Mr. SimonMuyanga as a moderator to give viewers more value. The current format hardly differentiates who the panelist and moderator is, and it is in this spirit that we realized the need for someone to direct the show as per the standards of all our shows. Mr. Frank Gashumba was not happy with this proposal and opted out. He however decided to reconsider the proposal,” Statement partly reads.

“Unfortunately his acceptance came about at a time when individual members of the public approached NBS management with claims that they have been conned by Mr. Frank Gashumba,” Statement further reads.

According to NBS, its image is critical and to this end , management is also and still investigating the claims made and also reviewing Gashumba’s image in relation to NBS’s brand in the given circumstances.