By Najibu Mulema
The ministry of health says it’s set to reverse the national hepatitis B program in order to thoroughly eliminate hepatitis B in most prevalent areas.
The government has started with 39 districts with high prevalence rates of the disease especially in the Northern Uganda.

According to the minister of health Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng,the current campaign is based on outdated survey conducted in 2005 and this calls for the need to have fresh survey conducted.
She however says,there’s a new survey that is being held currently and this will help to guide the campaign on areas with the highest prevalence rates.

The government has set aside 23 Billion shillings as funding for the program in order to get rid of the deadly virus.
” this program, the Government of Uganda has so far committed 23 billion shillings towards addressing the burden of hepatitis in the country. More funding is expected to be released for the program in a phased manner to cover the entire country. The estimated total cost to cover the
whole country by 2020 is 220 Billion shillings” said Dr Acheng.
According to reports,Uganda is highly endemic with 10% national prevalence of hepatitis B infection, rates varying across the country from 4% in the southwest and 25% in the Northeast.