By Kiyimba Bruno

The Uganda Swimming Federation (USF) has organized a swimming gala that will be used as a tool to sort out Uganda’s representatives at the international levels.

The tournament dubbed USF National Age Group Swimming Championship shall take place at the Kampala International School of Uganda (KISU) from 23rd to 24th of June 2018, where stars like Joshua Tibatema, Avis Meya, Ismail Serunjogi, Kirabo Namutebi as well as Tendo Mukalazi shall prove their worth on the national team.

In an interview with Ismail Serunjogi, he said there is much hope for competitive races as well as discovering new talents.

Serunjogi said that through such races, many national team swimmers are reminded of their roles in trainings as well as a warning that at any time if they do not prove their worth, they can easily be dropped.

“I urge all swimmers to train hard and wait for a tough race” he said.

The competitors are expected to race in categories of freestyle, back stroke, among others.