For those who have had weddings, its an insult for an invited guest to appear as though he/she was going for a casual walk. It means the person has disrespected you or your function. But its not wedding we want to talk about here. We need to look at how Mr. M7 has debased Uganda by using people with questionable intergrity and hired militia to front issues of national concern.

Just the other day it was a little girl that proposed the infamous sole candidature!

Well, we let that pass because it was a party issue. Now, a one Ssekitoleko is proposing removal of age limit for judges and civil servants.

This is why am totally opposed to the idea:

First of all, when you reach 60 years, you are on diminishing returns. That is why retirement was previously at 55 years but the reason it was raised to 60 years in early 90s was because of the Aids pandemic that had wiped out the young working labourforce. And so retirement age had to be increased to 60 year to avoid a crisis

Secondly, the just read Amama vs M7 Presidential election petition detail was supposed to be relayed in 30 days but was delivered on Friday after 106days. Why, because the bench is full of old and sickly people who could not handle the job on time. If we had ten cases of similar maginitude then it would take four years to get the work done.

Moreover, the issue of age was thouroughly discussed and rejected last year during the constitutional amendments, why should it be brought again? In addition, government committed to establish a constitutional review commission that is supposed to be done after every 10 years, why then is there a hurry for this particular article?

Also, the court ruling of Friday recommended issues that will require constitutional amendments, why is a one Ssekitoleko interested in this particular article?

Finally, we are aware that Ugandas average age is 15 years, majority people are below fourty years, so in whose interest is this proposal? Could this be the reason people in these offices have sat back for 30 years and failed to invest in young people because they wanted to protect their jobs?

Could this be the reason they want to hold on offices as young people are on the road side purpotedly frying the new found attractive Rolex?

They say you can fool people some times but you cant fool all people all the time. Mr. Museveni should stop debasing Uganda and fronting the likes of Ssekitolekos who have nothing to lose. Its now a matter of when not whether Ugandans will say enough is enough.

Nathan Nandala Mafabi. Sec Gen FDC
MP. Budadiri West