Fore warned they say is fore armed. We should have seen this coming!

When his name came up, Prof Kakooza of the Law Reform Commission warned that Kavuma  did not qualify to be Deputy Chief Justice (DCJ) because he didn’t have the 10years practice as an advocate besides having integrity issues.

The then Speaker Ssekandi and the current Speaker Kadaga paid a deaf ear to this warning. Now the country is reaping the dividends of failure by the two to adhere to advise.

Kavuma did not only meddle in with the elected leadership of KCCA 2011- 2016 but continues to conduct judicial  business like one ignorant of the law.

There are many cases awaiting judgement before Kavuma, cases that have taken a year and more but on 9th Jan 2017, he received a petition from Eric Ssabiti of the Electoral Commission and deemed it fit to pronounce himself the same day;prohibiting not just parliament but the general public from discussing the now infamous Presidential 6bn hand shake to URA and the cohorts. What motivated Eric Ssabiti who works with EC to run to court over a matter he wasn’t party too must also be investigated.

But back to Kavuma, he is aware that the sharing of 6bn by selected public officials is a criminal act because this money was never debated and sanctioned by parliament. By gagging public debate, he has not only plunged the country in a crisis (now that the Speaker has closed business in the House) but his actions seems to indicate that he is part of the syndicate that has defrauded the country.

What more can we expect from a man who for the first time I see taking an affidavit to reduce his age, yet his Passport, Identity Card,Birth Certificate and collaborative evidence of persons he grew up with tell the same age!

Kavuma is a disgrace to the Judiciary and the Law profession!

Hon Nathan Nandala Mafabi.