By Watchdog reporter

Budadiri County West Member of Parliament cum Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi has denied to ever showed interest in Bank of Uganda governorship.

Mafabi said he has never lobbed for the governor job citing that in  case he wanted it, he would be one by now since he has all the credentials needed.

To say this the legislator was responding to former ethics minister Miria Matembe’s allegations that sometime back Mafabi was looking for a job as a governor of Bank of Uganda.

While appearing on NBS TV’s Frontline show on Thursday, Mafabi tasked Matembe to present evidence if she is sure of what she is saying.

“Matembe said I was looking for a job as governor BoU; I want her to bring evidence. She’s bringing it up now that there’s an election coming,” said Mafabi.

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