By Watchdog reporter

Betty Nambooze, Mukono Municipality legislator has got backing for her upcoming Bill, from the ministry of Health an civil society.


During the consultative meeting at Grand Global hotel in Makerere, Nambooze explained that the Bill targeted alcohol manufacturers and sellers, rather than consumers.

However, Nambooze started her presentation with a personal narrative. She talked about her former classmate in high school Kaweesa who took to the bottle and got wasted away. Nambooze shared the narrative on her social media attracting a lot of debate. She says the law would protect people like Kaweesa.

Representing the ministry of Health, Dr Sheila Ndyanabangi, said the legislator had the ministry’s backing because alcohol consumption was a matter of public health.


She said Butabika hospital for patients with mental challenges was full due to narcotics and liqour.

Nambooze says she is still consulting on the Bill to make it comprehensive and embrace all laws on alcohol control including Nguli act, Liquor and drunk driving.
Mr David Kalema the executive director of Hope and Beyond, which deals in alcohol and drugs recovery services, said they have done lots of studies and research on alcohol and such information would be handy for the legislators in case they want to know how dangerous unsafe alcohol consumption can be.