By Watchdog reporter

This morning, Lubaga north legislator Moses Kasibante lauded President Museveni’s government for granting Ugandans freedom to drink alcohol whenever they want.

Kasibante who was being interview by CBS fm for their 9 o’clock news segment Nze Nga Bwendaba, told the radio that Museveni’s giving people freedom to drink alcohol whenever they want, has saved lives of people.

The MP said the people died during Idi Amin’s regime because they were drinking alcohol in hiding.

Kasibante who was talking about his criticism of the proposed Bill by Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze told CBS FM on Friday morning that he cannot support Nambooze’s Bill because he doesn’t want to drink his alcohol while hiding.

When contacted after publishing this story, the Mukono legislator told Watchdog that “Kasibante is opposing the bill without informing his mind about it…”

She added, “he is only talking about one clause of the bill which has 102 clauses including those which bar minors from taking alcohol, force government to spare 25%of the taxes from alcohol on rehabilitation of victims of alcohol abuse and sensitization of masses, putting a responsibility on manufacturers to make sure that they don’t make poisonous alcohol and many others.”

However Nambooze promised to reach out to Kasibante to sensitize him about the Bill.

“He is one person whom I will personally pursue to educate about the bill so that he gets to oppose it from a point of knowledge unfortunately I had thought that he had educated himself about it since he had offered to second me but now that he is exposing ignorance about the same am going to send him a copy and also contact him physically.”

Nambooze and Kasibante who are good friends, crashed on the floor of Parliament when the later stood up on point of procedure challenging the Speaker who had allowed Nambooze to seek leave of absence to draft her Alcoholic drinks control bill.

Nambooze however says Kasibante was one of the supporters of her Bill and she was surprised to hear him challenging the Bill that could help thousands of people and families ruined by uncontrolled manufacturing and selling of alcoholic drinks.