By Watchdog reporter

Kampala Minister Beti Kamya has won herself a new adversary for resurrecting the debate of Kampala Metropolitan area.

Kamya said on Tuesday that the Metropolitan would help in better management of the city.

Kampala Metropolitan area would swallow Mukono, Wakiso, Entebbe and Mpigi.

Kamya however said Kampala is difficult to administer without the implementation of the metropolitan plan, citing buses which were rejected by the local government in Mukono when they started plying that route.

However, Kamya who is already overburdened with fights with Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Kampala MPs and councilors, now has added a new adversary in Betty Nambooze.

The Mukono Municipality MP advised Ms Kamya to focus on administrating Kampala better before fetching on herself troubles from other local governments.

“Beti should first seek to iron out KCCA mismanagement before she attempt to export confusion to the district’s neighbouring the city,” said Nambooze.

Ms Nambooze argues Kampala Metropolitan was “unconstitutional since Kampala is not one a district.

“The law talks about a physical planning authority for the great Kampala but doesn’t talk about governance,” said Nambooze who is out of the country but Watchdog sought her opinion.

She explains further that Kampala is not part of Buganda since it is the capital city however the other local governments proposed in the metropolitan areas, are in Buganda.

“Mukono,Wakiso and Mpigi are local government with full planning powers governed under the Local Government Act not KCCA Act.”

“I took that matter to parliament to challenge the pioneer buses and won,” Nambooze added.

The legislator says instead of Kamya pushing for quasi administrative units, the government should be discussing setting up a new capital city.

She proposed the political seat to return to Entebbe and construct the parliament there.

She adds that the government then would fund Mukono, Mpigi and Wakiso to offer complementary roles to the city, move industries out of the city centre and ban universities from setting up campuses in the city.

“These days all upcountry universities have relocated to the city centre in form of branches, why have car bonds in the city instead of having them in Lugazi…you don’t need to battle the poor out of Kampala just bring a policy that takes the enticements to places that still have space and to do this you don’t annex them you just empower them,” advised Nambooze, who also doubles as the Local Government shadow minister.

Nambooze says President Museveni through his ministers like Kamya are repeating what Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe did in Harare to disperse the urban poor who he thought would overthrow his regime under operation Murambastavina.

She says the move was condemned by UN as a violation of the human rights of the urban poor.

Nambooze says Mugabe even removed an elected Mayor and replaced him with an executive director and Museveni was just copying and pasting Mugabe’s programs.