By Watchdog reporter

Shadow Local government minister Betty Nambooze has said President Museveni broke the law in dismissing medical staff in Nakawuka on Wednesday.

Mr Museveni acting on reports from the community members that health workers at Mpumudde Health Centre don’t attend to them as they should, sacked the staff at a rally without following the right procedures.

Ms Nambooze says, “Under decentralization, the President can’t dismiss, transfer or suspend district workers….apart from his RDCs, the only civil servant under him in a district is the CAO and apart from the CAO and Town clerks, other civil servants in a district are not transferable to other districts.”

“Would this mean that the President is not aware of the policies of his own Government?” The Mukono Municipality MP wondered.

Ms Nambooze told Watchdog that the sacked workers are employees of Wakiso District Commission and to sack them in such an arbitrary manner would be to invite legal action against the district, she said, referring to Chapter 11, Article 200 of the Constitution and section 51 (1) of the Local Government Act.

“We shall not allow Museveni to turn his frustration on innocent civil servants. That’s Aminism”, she said.

On Wednesday, Mr Museveni made headlines when he sent medical staff packing. The move was lauded by some sections of the society, but legal minds say it was out irregular.

“By all fairness, how can you join a mob to dismiss a civil servant without any form of hearing, districts are already understaffed and these people are working under very hard conditions,” Nambooze who often interacts with local government officials in course of her work at shadow Local Government minister, says.

She said at present Local Government workers have not received salaries for three months which demotivates workers since they have bills to pay.

The MP also said that the workers of Mpumudde have no housing at the facility and to accuse them of living far from the facility was unfair and insensitive.

Nambooze counsels that President Museveni should have requested Wakiso District Service Commission to consider the complaints raised by the residents against the medical staff.

However, sacking them was not the solution, the legislator says.

“Having failed to solve the problems with the country’s health system they want us to believe that the problem is with healthy workers.”