By Watchdog reporter

Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze has demanded an immediate inquest into rampant poisoning allegations among politicians.

Nambooze who returned from South Africa on Friday evening spent a weekend at Siena beach hotel Entebbe where told a press conference on Saturday morningthat God had given her another chance.

She said her illness has damaged her several body organs including eyes, intestines and pancreas, but does not rule of having survived poisoning given the nature of her illness.
The MP says her sugar levels keep  going down, and it forms acidic substances.

Nambooze was advised by her doctor to seek further treatment at a more advanced medical facility after spending weeks at Mukono hospital and Kampala International Medical Centre. She however lauded doctors at those facilities for stabilizing her condition.

Using contacts of Dr Kizza Besigye, Nambooze was treated by Ugandan doctors, that she says are some of the best on the continent.

The MP wants parliament to order an inquest into the death of Cerinah Nabanda as reports into her death her still shrouded in mystery and other deaths blamed on poisoning.

Nambooze thanked Besigye, Dr Dickson Wabwire of Mukono hospital, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and  and Dr Lulume, for saving her life before she went to South Africa.

“Dr Dickson Wabwire detected that I lacked sugar in the body but didn’t have the capacity to treat me completely.”

She castigated the Medical Board for delaying clearance for her medical cover.

“The Medical Board are still consulting to see if I deserve to be treated”, she said, adding that her medical bill had gone in the excess of Sh25 million and it is still growing.

“I still have bills to clear. The Ugandan doctors have staked their salaries for me, including Dr Kanakulya who offered free services to me.”

Nambooze called upon government to put money in the health sector so that everyone can be treated at home and for doctors to stay in the country. She also warned about rampant fear for poisoning among the political class.
“People fear to seek medical treatment here for fear of poisoning or assassination,” she said, citing President Museveni who said he distrusted Ugandan doctors.
Nambooze said the president should lead the pack to resuscitate the trust and respect in Ugandan medical practice by subjecting himself to treatment in the country.