By Watchdog reporter

Democratic Party president Norbert Mao on Thursday called on bedridden Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze.

As the visit was underway, Nambooze made some requests to the DP boss that Mao noted down in his booklet.

Nambooze asked Mao to stop attacks on FDC boss Kizza Besigye. Mao and Besigye are not best of friends. Mao is one of the fiercest critics of Besigye.

Several people in DP believe the emergence of Besigye has designed them monopoly over the opposition, or even, taking power in Uganda. DP has remained in Besigye’s shadow since he came on the scene in 2000.

Nambooze also asked Mao to step down for her. The Mukono strong woman said that she would help transform DP into a power house like she has done in Mukono.

More than 90% of elective positions in Mukono Municipality are occupied by DP members. She also asked the party presidential general to unite the party and not wait for elections season.