Nakumatt Supermarket has been dragged to Commercial Court for failure to pay goods supplied to it.

Through KSMO advocates, Hair Care Centre Uganda limited sued Nakummat seeking a recovery of shs 93.8million as  money owed to it for goods supplied and general damages for breach of contract.

The Cosmetic Company says in the year 2010 it entered into a contract with Nakumatt and in the said contract plaintiffs was to supply cosmetics and hair care products to Nakumatt local branches within Uganda.

According to the documents before Court Nakumatt Supermarket was to pay goods within 45days after delivery of the goods.

Nakumatt however without any regard to the terms of the contract, defaulted or neglected to make any payments as agreed.

Now Commercial court registrar Thaddeus Opiseni summoned Nakumatt to defend itself on the said allegations within 15 days before justices Monica Mugenyi fixes a hearing date