By Watchdog reporter

Money is the root cause of all evils so goes an old saying.

Money is also the number one temptation which can make some people forsake their families, betray comrades with a major aim of bettering a life.

Just weeks after the demolition of Nakivubo Park Yard Market and Nakivubo war Memorial Stadium on directives of Minister of Kampala, Betty Kamya, the issue has sparked mixed reactions among politicians, civilians and this brought about Kampala Capital City Authority(KCCA) to distance itself from conspiring with city tycoon Hamis Kiggundu(Ham) to evict traders.

City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago with support of KCCA councillors downplayed Kamya’s actions and vowed to bring her to order. The Council did not only stop at that, it went on to refuse availing Ham with Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium re-development plan.

As one of the ways to suppress and punish Kamya for her ‘ruthless’ actions against some people in Kampala,on Tuesday this week, Lukwago called for a council meeting to discuss about the recent Nakivubo Parkyard market and Nakivubo Stadium demolitions and to pave ways of putting Kampala minister to book.

As the meeting commenced, Lukwago decided to start with his ‘rightful’ man, Muhammad Segirinya who is the Kawempe Division Lord Councillor to give his view on the matter.

To utter shock, Segirinya’s speech almost sent his boss(Lukwago) into coma.

The self proclaimed ‘Edoboozi lye Kyebando’ overwhelmingly brought a betraying suggestion that council holds a meeting with Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda to iron out the matter instead of pursuing legal means to call Kamya to order.

He immediately got unanimous support from majority of the councilors especially NRM’s who concurred with his decision thus demanding that Nakivubo issues should be forwarded to President Yoweri Museveni’s cabinet.

Remember, the cabinet and Ham are already on the same page, its’s only Lukwago who sees things on the other angle.

During the heated up meeting, Lukwago was forced to bring the matters to vote and here, the lord mayor was completely floored with only a few councilors on his side but even his own Segirinya voted against him.

It’s alleged that Segirinya alomg with other councillors pocketed a wholesome bribe and the Kawempe division councilor was fronted as the best person to carrythe betray task to the council floor which he perfectly did.

According to our sources, the bankrolling involved all councilors apart from Doreen Nyanjura, Allan Atuhairwe, Ddamba Ismail, Kataabu and Sarah Kanyike who tried to defend the people at the expense of other ‘money greed’ councilors.

Apparently, Lukwago’s hopes to sterilize Ham’s unfavourable plans have been left on a swinging pendrum.