By Kiyimba Bruno

Many pupils in Nakaseke District abandon classes during the rainy season in order to tend to their gardens.

This, according to Moses Nkera, a teacher at Nakulamude Primary School means that the pupils will post poor grades in their exams.

“It is sad but true that when the rainy seasons come, even numbers in class reduce. Most of these pupils have to work with their parents,” Nkera told Watchdog Uganda on Wednesday.

He was addressing some of challenges he has faced in the 10 years he has spent at the school during a visit by World Bank official on a fact finding mission.

“Actually some of these pupils have personal gardens. When the parents send them to school, they branch off to their gardens because they have their own responsibilities,” he added.

Other issues discussed include lack of personnel, saying one teacher can teach up to four different classes a day.

He however thanked the World Bank for the support that they have rendered towards the school.

World Bank constructed new structures. Soon, the 215 pupils will leave the dilapidated classrooms for the new ones

Thomas R Lansner, the director social accountability media initiative, represented the World Bank.