By Watchdog reporter

As Mzee Boniface Byanyima was laid to rest on Sunday at home in Ruti, a video recording of him reflecting on his life was playing on NBS television.

The recording filmed by Media Plus’ Bart Kakooza has one of the most astounding observation from a reflective old man.

Asked how he felt about being a father to one of the most notable political families in the country, that’s Winnie Byanyima and Kizza Besigye, Mzee Byanyima said it “it’s unfortunate”.

The man lauded as one of the best politicians of his time, a former MP and chairman for Democratic party said, he is not proud that his daughter Winnie joined Ugandan politics. He also seemed to detest that his son in law Besigye, one of the notable democracy fighters in Africa, was involved in politics.

“Politics in Africa is causing a lot of problems,” he observed like a peace lover who wanted a more loving and peaceful career for his children.

Byanyima said at the moment in Uganda is dirty and maybe in 10 years would politics be desirable.

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