By Najibu Mulema

Uganda’s veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda is at it again. The controversial CEO of The Independent magazine has continued to show Ugandans the level on which his brain functions and whose side he belongs to as far as Kenneth Akena’s murder case is concerned irrespective of the case now being before court.

The journalist has decided to dedicate the front page of his latest magazine issue to his dear friend Matthew Kanyamunyu agitating for his innocence.

In the headline dubbed ‘Kanyamunyu murder case’, Mwenda tells his readers how the police cannot win the case as they are sailing on deadly waters.

First and foremost, Mwenda is known to be a very close family friend to the Kanyamunyus but as far as professional conduct is concerned, a person like Mwenda who is respected in his area of expertise, what he has done is one of the dumbest things a journalist of his caliber has ever done.

I know during days, he tried so much to teach others about being impartial and on how to handle conflict of interest issues.

Sincerely, people are still mourning and having mixed feelings about AKena’s death, and then Mwenda is bravely showing the public that the law cannot win the Kanyamunyus, really? Does Mwenda think that his friend is above the law? This is quite ashaming not only to law abiding citizens but also to Mwenda as a journalist. But anyway, we know he doesn’t care anymore.