How to sound intelligent before Besigye radicals

“M7 is an evil man who has destroyed Uganda. Besigye is the messiah to deliver our country from the M7 scourge.

Besigye is so great and powerful he has run and won elections four times. The only reason he is not president is that the wicked and incompetent M7 has used dictatorship to stop the people’s president from assuming office.

“Under M7 the economy of Uganda has gone to the dogs; the roads, schools and hospitals have collapsed and the people are poorer than ever before. The evidence for this is simple: did u see Abim hospital, or Paya primary school? Or just move around the country, you will see very many poor people.

So M7 agende. Tumukooye!!!”

This hotchpotch of slogans based on emotions and anecdotal observation is what constitutes intelligent intellectual arguments in FDC. The debasement of intellectual inquiry by FDC, the rejection of scientific methods of investigation by the hardliners of that party is a very tragic development in our nation’s politics. It makes Donald Trump look smart and advanced.

How do we scientifically measure the growth of an economy? The standard is gross domestic product or GDP. I agree that growth can concentrate income in a few hands. For example while America has been growing, average house hold incomes have not grown since 1973. So how do we scientifically measure income distribution? We use the gini coefficient. What is Uganda’s gini relative to that of other nations in its comparison group based on income? Don’t ask!

The scientific way judge the quality of an education and healthcare is not anecdotal observations of Abim hospital and Paya Primary School but a representative sample of hospitals and schools and use qualitative and quantitative methods to judge their performance. World Bank has done this study which allows us to judge Uganda against other nations in her income group.

FDC radicals reject this and have turned the party’s back on science and retreated to voodoo economics and the illiterate man’s approach to a complex subject. This is a sad. And they say they are the future of Uganda!!!! We must worry about that future.