By Najibu Mulema

It seems like controversial journalist, Andrew Mwenda will not stop waging verbal wars against the strongest opposition party in Uganda, Forum for Democratic Change( FDC) along with its supporters.

Having been accused of being hired NRM to tarnish the name of Dr. Kizza Besigye by some FDC supporters, Mwenda has come out to blow another bomb torwards the former presidential candidate saying he rules FDC under despotic tendencies.

The social critic claims he has so fat interviewed 43 top FDC leaders and that they have told him horror stories. He says all the interviewed people have elaborated to him how FDC as a party has been hijacked by an extremely radical, fanatical and intolerant faction that is actively directed, supported and encouraged by the party’s de facto leader, Besigye.

“While Besigye fanatics claim I have been hired by NRM to tarnish the name of their cult leader, the information I post here is always supplied to me by the top ranking members of FDC who want to rescue the party and Uganda’s democracy from the tyranny of extremism and the despotism of Besigye,” Mwenda noted.

The Independent CEO further claims that most of the FDC leader he has interviewed ran away from NRM after witnessing the same trend but now the same FDC radicals confessed that NRM was far better and President Yoweri Museveni is the best Democrat one can ever find.

“Why are these leaders silent in the face of a growing tyranny over their party? Almost without exception all say that any attempt to criticize the party’s demigod attracts unprecedented insults, abuses, character assassination, false accusations in form of social media terrorism. All differing points of view of been ruthlessly suppressed and now the party is a one man show,” He wrote on his social media.