By Watchdog reporter

Is it a case of preaching water but the preacher drinks wine? That is what shamed Sheikh Mooh Muzaata Batte does.

The outspoken cleric has been mobilizing people to shun the recently announced exercise by Buganda Land Board where bibanja owners on Kabaka’s land are given a chance to own lease titles.
On many occasions, the controversial Muslim cleric and the spokesperson of Kibuli sect has been involved in unhealthy verbal rants to which his rise to fame is attributed to.

You might remember Muzaata attacking Mufti Mubajje in his “Mubajje mubbi” angry outburst, he has gone after KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi, Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munyagwa , and went for Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga on several occasions over the Etofaali project.

Pundits thought that it had ended with Etofaali rhetoric but the recently Muzaata’s rage came back, denouncing Mayiga’s hair-cut and denounced the new Buganda’s Land acquisition agenda dubbed Kyaapa Mungalo.
The country however woke up to shocking revelations on Friday morning that Muzaata who was campaigning against the Kyaapa Mungalo project has himself already applied for a lease for plot 203 located in Kazo, a Kampala suburb in Kawempe DIvision.

The “Deplorable” sheikh defies old sentiments that suggest a good leader has to have an exemplary character. It is of utmost importance that a leader is trustworthy before he or she can lead others. …

Unfortunately, Muzaata has been discredited not until he explains to the country why he got himself a lease and speaks against it.

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