By Watchdog reporter

Apparently everyone is confused on whom to trust as far the late Ivan Semwanga’s property is concerned.

Even on his death bed, Semwanga’s ex-wife Zari Hassan and his cousin King Lawrence pinpointed fingers at themselves accusing themselves of wanting to steal the tycoon’s wealth.

Days after his demise, the duo repeated the same story.

Now, King Lawrence has taken the claim for the share on the deceased’s property to a whole new level.

While having an interview with one of the local television stations, King Lawrence claimed that Semwanga’s Muyenga based mansion is actually his though he couldn’t come out to claim it publicly.

Lawrence said he has been doing a lot of things but he cannot come out to openly boost about them.

“People talk and talk but I can’t come out to say this or that. Just like we used to do Rich gang parties all credit goes to Ivan. I wouldn’t come out publicly to say that we pulled resources to host those parties”

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