By Najibu Mulema

A 14th witness has testified before the international crimes court narrating how assassins shot slain Muslim sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya on the night of 30 June, 2015.

The witness who was a fruit vendor at Bweyogerere market has told court that the late Kirya had been her loyal customer for over three years and on a fateful day at about 10pm as he stood at her store to buy fruits, she saw sparks and flashes of bright light over her head and immediately took cover since she had sensed danger.

She says the next thing she knew was that, her customer Kirya had been shot dead.

However, she told court that she never saw the killers.

In this murder case 14 people including tabliq leader sheikh Yunus Kamoga are being accused of masterminding the killing of sheikh Mustafa Bahiga and Sheikh Kirya and the case is being presided over by Judges, Ezekiel Muhanguzi, Percy Tuhaise and Jane kigundu.