By Najibu Mulema
The muslim clerics murder case hearing has been suspended this afternoon due to lack of facilitation funds.
14 suspects including the Tabliq leader,sheik Yunus Kamoga are accused of masterminding the killing of Sheikh Mustafa Bayiga and sheikh Hassan Ibrahim Kirya the International Crimes
Division of the High Court led by Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi suspended the hearing  saying that the money in question
was for transportation, lunch and accommodation for witnesses especially those who come from far and to
facilitate three court assessors and other officials like lawyers and sitting allowances for the three judges presiding over the trial. The financial setback was brought to the attention of the high court by the lead government  prosecutor, Lino
The hearing will commence again after three weeks.That will be  November 21 hoping that by then, the registrar of the court would have secured some funds to run the court activities.
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