By Watchdog reporter

As the age limit debate takes a new twist, many people have continued to express mixed reactions about the whole issue.

Opposition members and a section of NRM diehards have maintained their stand against amending article 102 saying its high time President Yoweri Museveni leave power.

Among the disgruntled opposition members is Dokolo Woman MP Cecilia Ogwal who says Museveni’s unlimited term in office and unlimited age are enemies to good governance.

While appearing on NBS TV’s Topical Discussion on Wednesday morning, Ogwal stated that the Constitute Assembly which suggested the age limit was well constituted so there’s no need to debate about it.

“Unlimited term of office is an enemy to good governance, unlimited age is also an enemy to good governance. President Museveni has one unique character, he is a very smart foul player. He is very smart in calculating mindset of people and how he can play the game,” said Ogwal.


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