By Watchdog reporter

President Museveni’s phone call at the roadside in rural southern Uganda has become an internet sensation.

Museveni stopped his convoy at Kyeirumba Village along the road linking Uganda to Tanzania through Isingiro, to make a phone call, to what locals say was South Sudan President Kiir.

It was about 4pm in the afternoon.


Now social media buzz has brought as many memes as possible.

There is one Museveni asks about whether the judge has released Kizza Besigye. Another shows the president sitting comfortably on the moon with astronauts.

Photoshopped images show the president enjoying a striptease, in a lecture room, at Wimbledon as Serena WIliams celebrates her triumph, at a local brew aka malwa drink up and as John Walker!

museveni on the mountain

museveni-road-side-call1     museveni-road-side-call4

museveni-road-side-call5    museveni-road-side-call7

museveni-road-side-call2   museveni-road-side-call6

museveni-road-side-call3  museveni-road-side-call8