By Watchdog reporter

Busiro East Member of Parliament Medard Lubega Segona has said President Yoweri Museveni’s nation address is going to be incomplete if he doesn’t  talk about the succession plan.

While talking to Radiocity, Segona said he expects president Museveni to deliver his usual ‘joker’ speech which doesn’t reflect the current situation faced by Uganda as a nation. He added that the president will also provide his wrong statistics about Uganda’s development.

However, Segona said if the president wants to make a change in today’s address he should also consider addressing the nation about his succession plan since the constitution is not on his side when it comes to presidential age limit.

To Segona, its high time Museveni reveals his successor before it’s too late.

Recently President Museveni said he cannot talk about succession because apparently Uganda has a lot of pressing issues. He stated that he will talk about it when the time is right.

The president’s speech starts at 2pm later today and will be delivered before Parliament converging at the Serena Conference Center.

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