By Watchdog reporter

President Museveni’s private doctor Diana Atwine who recommended action on medics at Nakawuka health centre and eventually her boss sacked them, came under intense criticism from the boss of the Medical association Dr Ekwaro Obuku.

Dr Atwine who heads a State House unit doing monitoring of healthcare says she has tried to bring on board medical agencies in her efforts to revamp health care in the country but she finds resistance from many corners who resent her work.
Obuku and Diana met on Capital Gang show on Saturday but left it without agreement.
Obuku says Diana’s work undermines other statutory and professional bodies, on top of her unit’s better facilitated than the Medical Council which should be doing the supervisory duties over.

He said the best thing to happen to the medical fraternity is the disbandment of Diana’s unit.

Diana who holds that she cannot sit back as bad apples kill health care in Uganda says she had also found many professional medical workers such as in Rakai and Seguku. She said Obuku and his colleagues are talking money which should come second to savings lives. Citing sh40 million per month her unit receives to do work, Diana said she has 50 people she works with.
Obuku says Diana’s unit is adhoc and money should be availed
to empower existing structures.
Museveni has received kudos and criticism in equal measures since he sacked health workers ad hoc without following due procedure.
According to the local government act, the president has no powers to appoint or sack local government workers.