By Stephen Kalema

President Museveni has warned city tycoons for ‘being too greedy’ to the extent that they start tormenting poor city traders and the low income earners. The warning came after several traders cried out about the unfair basic billing by the tycoons who .. charge every extra services in their arcades.

“You greedy tycoons be careful. Let you not get curses from poor people for eating their money. God is not easy. You will get curses. It seems some people no longer have thoughts of going to heaven,” the President said last week during a city tour in which he gave out over Shs2.7billion to different city traders’ Saacos.

According President, markets are the breeding places where every poor Ugandan who to learn a business starts from. But the greedy tycoons have used their money to torment the poor traders by buying off their markets through what he called ‘corrupt leaders’ who  came to steal them but not to lead them.

“As the government we have the power to work upon every greedy tycoon. It’s against the laws of Uganda for one to charge beyond what is required,” he said.

Many tycoons have built arcades that charge exorbitant rent as well as extra money for toilets and electricity.

However, on the issue of high power tariff charge, Energy and mineral Development minister  Irene Nafuna Muloni ordered UMEME to take control of all arcades and put right power tariffs.