By Watchdog reporter

President Museveni meeting NRM lawmakers’ caucus over the weekend pinned party Secretary General Justine Kasule over what could be termed as stealing party money.

Museveni has promised NRM lawmakers sh30 million each to support them in fighting electoral petitions in court that are threatening to reduce their numbers in parliament.

However, Lumumba has been telling MPs asking for money to defend themselves in court, that Tanga Odoi, the party Electoral Commission chairman, received the money from Museveni.

Those who approached Odoi, however got a shocked face from the Tororo man who knew nothing about the money since his office has not received any funding since elections ended.

So, during the caucus at State House that elected party leaders in parliament, MPs raised the money issue with their chairman.

A surprised Museveni hearing that his MPs are choking with debts over court cases, and actually could lose their seats over poor representations, exposed his party Secretary General.

The President said he gave all resources to Lumumba and he can’t believe she has not supported MPs whose seats are threatened.

President later told confidants that he was disappointed by the Bugiri woman who he entrusted the party with.

“It was a strategic mistake,” Museveni told senior party founders close to him after the caucus meeting. The President is taking his time since he sees nowhere to put Lumumba who didn’t stand in the General Elections over party restrictions.

NRM is most hit by court petitions with over a dozen of them hanging by the thread. Museveni is bothered that the party administrators are not bothered that their dominance in parliament is under threat.

Lumumba who is facing a rebellion in the party and at the Secretariat since it emerged she had failed to run the party as expected, has been therefore ordered to account for all the money she has received.

The disappearance of the money meant to facilitate MPs facing court battle has worsened her footing in the party and if she failed to account for all the money, it means end of the road for her.