By Watchdog reporter

President Museveni has said he has discovered that Ugandan telecoms were evading taxes and the time had come to go after them.

The president who was addressing parliament during the budget speech 2016/17 said over $400 million was lost as telecoms evade taxes which is a lot of money for the economy to lose.

The president says telecoms evade taxes by hiding the rate of call traffic through their telecom vehicles.

Mr Museveni’s statement comes at a time the leading telecom companies CEOs have been recalled from the country.
MTN and Airtel have both removed MDs from Uganda.

The president says telecoms receive over three million international calls but only declare half a million.

“We need equipment to trace calls coming in and assess tax under PPP,” he said.

The president has realized late that all this dirty has been going on, however he didn’t mention particular telecoms.

However, he said the telecoms have been colluding with his government officials to steal from Ugandans.

Tax evasion is a serious offense in Ugandan law. It is also a detriment to the standing of the telecom companies that would be implicated in misdoing.