By Watchdog reporter

News reaching our desk indicates that Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Executive Director Andrew Seguya has been summoned by President Yoweri Museveni over bribery and smuggling allegations.

According to our trusted sources, President Museveni summoned Seguya today morning at State House Entebbe.

Recently, the president wrote a letter ordering the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to probe UWA over numerous numerous crimes related to corruption, bribery and illicit trade, pointing out the wildlife conservation body boss for specific investigation on a number of things.

In his letter of May 2, 2017, Mr Museveni tells the IGG to investigate why contrary to international conventions, Dr Seguya authorized the export of pangolins (olugave) meat and scales which was licensed to Chinese by UWA.

The president also accuses UWA officials of collaborating with Chinese diplomats in the Chinese embassy of exporting ivory from DR Congo, CAR and South Sudan. The diplomats mentioned are Li Wejin and Yinzhi.

“Seguya also tried to get bribes from Centenary Bank, DFCU and Crane Bank so as to maintain the shs28 billion deposits in those banks and when the banks refused to bribe him he withdrew the money from the banks and caused a loss of shs 1.5 billion,” Museveni further notes.

However, the Chinese Embassy denied the allegations saying it has no employees who go by those two names citing that the president may have been misinformed.

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