By our reporter

The lifting of the age limit fracas has entered a new course, with president Museveni ignoring parliamentarians who seem to have lost the plot to their voters.

Now the president has summoned the Central Executive Committee of the National Resistance Movement to hear their side of the story on the contentious Bill which parliament is supposed to review in the next couple of weeks.

CEC is the NRM’s top organ, which unfortunately, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is a member and therefore the resolutions of CEC also bind her as an individual. The same Kadaga has to chair Parliament which shall debate the cons and pros of amending clause 102 (b) concerning the age of the president.

Magyezi wants the lower and upper caps removed. He wants a citizen of a voting age being free to stand for president without discrimination.

President Museveni who had showed no side in the debate for some good time opened a lid on his silence when he told the NRM caucus that he was interested in removing the age limits from the constitution.

The issue has become contentious, and boiling tempers have left several opposition leaders in jail, and couple of people dead.

The president will also meet the NRM district leaders possibly on Wednesday. The move is likely to get the president some consensus on how to move ahead.