There are some young people who have understood the NRM teachings on development and wealth creation. I was pleased to meet such people in Kanyamatambara Sub-county in Sheema.

Under the leadership of Bernard Bigirwa and his brother, the people of Kanyamatambara are producing up to 10 kilogrammes of coffee berries per tree.

The coffee is then washed and hulled when still fresh and later dried, giving it better quality.

So these brothers have not only consolidated and grown the projects left by their father, Late Jack Bigirwa, but they have also incorporated their local community in this venture to create wealth.

The outgrowers’ representative said they have so far trained 3,526 farmers. This should be applauded.

In the past, some wrong elements in government were frustrating progressive projects like the banana initiative in Bushenyi. We have started to deal with those decisively.

Finally, about the unfavourable climate change. I have been telling Ugandans that this problem can be averted if we get back to the basics of environmental conservation.

Step one is to embrace irrigation methods, even the humble ones like drip irrigation. To this end I have donated a water pump to the Bushenyi Wet Coffee Processors Initiative to ease their irrigation needs.

The long term solution is for people to move out of swamps and let them play their natural role of rain formation. We are asking people to cooperate before government can forcefully enforce this directive.