By Namugerwa Martha

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has silenced all the critics who downsized him in October last year over the use of jerrycan and bottle irrigation.

President Museveni just proved the critics wrong after touring a group of journalists around the kawuma presidential farm in Makulubita sub-county Luweero district last Sunday.

Museveni showed how high income farmers can earn from agriculture while using the jerrycan and bottle irrigation which he uses on his farm in Luweero.


Kawuma presidential farm is a 24 acre farm which has many agricultural crops like much rooms, banana plantations, coffee, vegetables and fruits like pawpaw, passion fruits, pineapples and mangoes all growing health through the despised jerry can and bottle irrigation.

“I was very much criticized when I showed the nation about my local way of irrigation, now am going to earn money because my much rooms are ready yet those who bragged about my way of irrigation have nothing to show.” President Museveni said.

President Museveni’s way of irrigation can help many farmers who can’t afford the modern methods of farming yet drought can stop you from earning money while using the jerry can and bottle irrigation.

President’s advise and the productive example shown to the farmers is going to help farmers start little but aiming big, also improving on their agricultural skills and views which is going to help Uganda’s economy and food availability in the country.

Farmers will not be affected much with the weather for instance even if its drought farmers will still have food.