By Watchdog reporter

President Museveni used his speech at the 31st NRA/M celebrations in Masindi to drum a message aimed at refocusing the national economy to production and encouraged local consumption.
Museveni’s speech highlighted four issues but ending too much importation as oil production, stood out.

He said Uganda must become export driven rather than import reliant like it is the case today.
The country loses a lot of forex to importers who strain the shilling when they buy things abroad. It is not clear how the policy direction would be to reverse this trend quickly but Mr Museveni said, his government want to ensure more production is done in the country.

The president also announced budget cuts on various sector to raise money to build the oil infrastructure.

He said oil extraction must happen and Government will deduct 10℅ from all other sectors to ensure all key infrastructure is in place for oil production to happen.

Also said Museveni, the 68℅ Ugandans involved in subsistence agriculture must be helped to join commercial agriculture.
He said operation wealth creation run by soldiers should help in this regard.
The farmers across the country are suffering from consequences of drought unseen in many years. There is need for irrigation introduction as well as drought resistant breeds if food insecurity is not to become a problem.

The president who gave out medals like it is norm on such occasions, said other key government projects will continue as top priorities especially roads and education.