By Watchdog reporter

President Museveni has appointed Willis Bashasha to head the Manifesto Implementation Unit. He has also placed the Unit under the Office of the President and not the NRM Secretariat whose leadership has been claiming the manifesto monitoring docket.

Bashasha, a former contestant for Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality, was defeated by Odo Tayembwa.

The appointment of Bashasha is however big a blow to Justine Lumumba, the NRM Secretary General who has in recent past positioned her job to be monitoring party manifesto.

The president has however distanced the secretariat from the manifesto implementation by placing the Unit under the Office of the President.

Museveni is disappointed in the manner the Secretariat has been run down under Lumumba with workers complaining of lack of leadership and de-motivation.

The president’s developed bad attitude towards Lumumba after the managers of the Secretariat blew up all the money he had given them for campaign, midway the campaigns. The president was briefed that the managers had diverted millions of shillings for personal use.

The president realized that he cannot trust the NRM team at Kyadondo Road with serious business, save for giving them something to eat so that they don’t blame him for making them sit on the side during elections in the name of running party affairs.

Now that the manifesto implementation has kicked in, the president could not entrust such as serious project with unserious people, according to sources.
It is for that matter, he put the Unit under Presidency and not the Secretariat which claims drawing up the manifesto the party should be effecting this term.