With a visit to Montepuez in the north of Mozambique, President Yoweri Museveni on Saturday marked the end of a three-day state visit to the southern African country.

Montepuez military barracks was the facility/base President Samora Machel offered to 28 FRONASA fighters, who formed the nucleus of the liberation group. This nucleus would later play a critical role in fighting the Idi Amin regime and growing the NRA which mutated to the current UPDF.

While in Montepuez, Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama said President Museveni was taken around the military facility, touring places like the dormitory that housed his fighters and he signed the visitors book under the “Tree of Hope” where he and Machel plus other FRELIMO leaders held long planning sessions.

He also toured the dormitory which has now been converted into a museum set up in President Museveni’s honour.

He later presented medals to the veterans who directly supported the Ugandan fighters. These included former instructors, clinical officers, drivers, cooks and others.

The President, who was showered with loads of gifts by the excited residents, announced that he (together with three of the surviving 28) would support the veterans to start a big poultry project integrated with crop farming.

They offered $26,000 to kickstart the project.

The three surviving fighters of the 28 are Gen Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh, Lt Gen Ivan Koreta and Col Bosco Omure, who accompanied the President on this tour.