President Yoweri Museveni has called on Iganga district voters in Busoga Sub-Region to vote for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) flag bearer, Suubi Brenda Asinde (aka) Mama Madhi during the by-elections slated for Thursday 14th September 2017.

The ballot casting follows the death of the former Woman MP of Iganga, Kaudha Hailat Grace Magumba .

“I make my condolences to the people of Iganga following the death of the former Member of Parliament Grace Magumba. Please vote for Mama Madhi. She is a member of NRM and our flag bearer. NRM is the Party that has maintained peace in Uganda through the years,” he said.

The President and National Chairman of NRM who today addressed 4 campaign rallies in the district, told voters, especially the youth, at Nakigo Primary School in Kigulu South, that they would get employment. He noted that the youth have grown up under the leadership of NRM adding that due to a successful and effective national immunization programme, their numbers are now many throughout the country. He said that by voting Ms. Suubi Brenda Asinde into Parliament, the people of Iganga would be assured of reliable service delivery.

He informed wananchi that the NRM Government has managed all the diseases except the ones that tpeople search out for on their own volition such as the HIV/AIDS scourge. He informed the gathering that when NRM took power, the national economy had collapsed and so the Movement had to institute a minimum economic recovery programme as a starting point to resuscitate the country.

He revealed that today revenue collections have tremendously improved and as such, through prioritization of the development programmes, Uganda has registered good progress in her development and transformative agendas.

He informed them that the construction of the Magamaga – Mayuge – Busia road is progressing very well adding that the road construction equipment that the Movement Government has bought has assisted greatly in the handling of roads in the country whereby each district is earmarked to get its own road unit equipment.

Turning to power supply, the President gave assurances that Government would extend electricity within Iganga district and that each village in the country would be availed a water borehole in the short term while targeting at least 2 per village. He informed wananchi that Government is committed to provision of a Health Cetre 3 facility per Sub-County throughout the country.

Mr. Museveni strongly urged wananchi to engage in household income projects to ensure that each household has means of eradicating poverty.

The NRM flag bearer Brenda Asinde called on the voters to support the income generation programme that the Government has championed and promoted. She requested Government for pipe-water supply in Nakalama Sub-County and stressed the need for a vocational training institute in every constituency.

During another rally at Idudi Primary School in Bugweri County, the President urged the people of the area to support Ms. Brenda Asinde who has already displayed commitment to serving the people.

“Brenda Asinde went to the villages and repaired the wells. Please support her. She started off as a volunteer. Do not vote badly otherwise you will get poor harvests,” he said.

He reminded the people of the area that NRM started off by ushering in peace adding that peace is the most important issue because it roots for the flourishing of development projects like schools and hospitals construction and water supply, among others.

He revealed that Government has built 5 major roads in Busoga Sub-Region and gave assurances that Iganga – Kamuli and Jinja – Budondo – Mbulamuti – Kamuli roads would be built. He further revealed that Kaliro – Kamuli road is already scheduled for construction.

He urged wananchi to exercise wisely their power to vote. During the rally Mr. Museveni introduced Ms. Brenda Asinde to the voters and presented her the NRM flag.

At the Namungalwe Sub-County headquarters rally, the President thanked the new NRM flag bearer for hanving helped with supplying waster to the people of Busoga without waiting for government intervention.

“I have come here to ask for your votes for Brenda Asinde, also known as mama Madhi. I want to thank her for bringing water to Busoga at an individual effort. This is a challenge to the rest of the leaders. Her ways of doing things make me happy. If the rest would work like her, NRM would be progressing at a faster rate,” said Mr. Museveni.

The President reminded the people of the 4 key areas that NRM is putting effort into, namely peace, development, job creation and ICT.

On development, the President said that NRM had managed to construct five out of the 8 main roads in Busoga that include Jinja – Malaba, Jinja Kamuli, Jinja – Iganga, Jinja – Namayingo – Busia and Jinja – Tirinyi – Mbale. He also informed the people that feeder murrum roads would be easily constructed since the road equipment had been given each district.

The NRM woman flag bearer is in the race against contenders Namale Mariam of FDC and Olivia Kwagala, Kakerewe Aziza, Babirye Aisha and Mayumbwa who are all running as independents.

President Museveni’s 4th and final rally took place in Iganga Municipality, the headquarters of Iganga district. He called on the people of the area in particular and Iganga district as a whole to vote the NRM Party’s flag bearer, Brenda Asinde so that the district registers the sure channel for continued development.