By Najibu Mulema

President Yoweri Museveni has made the people of Rwenzururu kingdom to apologize for the insurgent activities they caused following the Kasese clashes which transpired last year in November.

Meeting Rwenzururu leaders last week, President Museveni witnessed the aggrieved people signing statement of apology and renunciation of the insurgent activities.

The Rwenzururu leaders admitted that their people constantly harassed and made attacks on the police and defiance of Government authority is regrettable.

In the statement they apologized to the people of Uganda and government for the lives and property lost as well as acknowledged that the incident could have been averted.

The leaders further said the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere was misadvised by some individuals within the region. They now seek tranquility and restoration of security.

This comes at the moment when a faction of leaders is demanding for a national dialogue to solve issues pertaining to different societies in the country.

Last year in November, government security operatives raided the Rwenzururu Kingdom over allegations that the kingdom was involved in treason offences and during the course of crossfire between the security operatives and the royal guards, more 100 people lost their lives including police officers.

In the due course Mumbere was arrested along with 152 royalists. The suspects are remanded in different state prisons charged with 41 counts which include treason, murder, aggravated robbery, terrorism among others.