By our reporter

The meeting between President Museveni of Uganda and his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame was lauded by all corners in both countries. The two leaders met to iron out differences between their countries.

However, something small has become the talking point: President Museveni’s hand is not well.

A couple of years ago Mr Museveni was in USA and his hand was the headline in several tabloids after the President greeted Barack Obama without the usual firm handshake.

Now, when Mr Kagame arrived at Entebbe on Sunday morning, his host was waiting for him at the stairs. A happy Museveni however offered his hand with a bandage, signalling to his guest to reach out for the arm not the palm. Kagame looked sympathetic to his elder brother although he maintained his composure.

Mr Museveni is known for keeping in good health and actually he minds his health very much, maintaining a right diet and doing his exercises regularly.

It has also emerged in the past that Mr Museveni does not offer his right hand for handshakes but his left.

This website wishes the President’s gand a quick recovery.