By Watchdog reporter

President Museveni has met his Democratic Republic of Congo counterpart in Kasese on Thursday morning to discuss border disputes between the two countries.
Joseph Kabila’s DRC and Uganda have boiling conflicts over land and water borders which unfortunately have resulted into loss of human lives.
Lands minister Betty Amongi says the two countries have already surveyed some parts of the border but the work is ongoing.
DRC authorities have in the past killed Ugandans especially those that crossed into the waters on Lake Albert. Some of the killed are police men who were patrolling the lake.
On the hand, Uganda is apart to commercialize its oil but the resource at the border, has not equally been explored in DRC like on the Ugandan side.
The two leaders have to find a lasting solution to such resource sharing in a manner that doesn’t compromise the two countries’ security or put its people at war paths.