By Watchdog reporter

Today morning government re-tabled the proposed amendments in the 2010 Kampala Capital City Authority Act, after it has been shelved for two years under unknown circumstances.

The KCCA ammendment Bill, has been tabled by the minister of State for Kampala City Authority Beni Namugwanya, intending to provide for the Lord Mayor to be elected from the Councilors and to clarify on the roles of the Lord Mayor and deputy Lord Mayor.

On learning about this, the incumbent city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago hurriedly called for a press conference to air out his views as far as the bill is concerned.

Lukwago has described the whole exercise as a move by the state to punish Kampala voters for unanimously rejecting President Yoweri Museveni, and his agents during the 2016 elections.

The Bill seeks to change the manner in which the Lord Mayor,Deputy Lord Mayor, Division Mayors and their deputies are elected from adult suffrage. By implication, the Lord Mayor and Division Mayors will have to stand as councilors, from there; councilors will select the Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor, Division Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively amongst themselves.

However, the Lord Mayor has said they will not allow such impunity and political maneuvers citing that if the government is to invoke article 1 of the constitution (states that Power belongs to the people, and they should decide how they should be governed), it should first organize a referendum for the people of Kampala to decide.

“We are going to take these matters to the public to decide thereby convening numerous rallies to the electorates. We are putting the Inspector General of Police on notice.” Lukwago has stressed.

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