By Watchdog reporter

President Yoweri Museveni has finally admitted that he alone cannot fish Ugandans out of poverty. Museveni saidon Sunday that the most important thing they should do is to financially develop themselves by embracing Operation Wealth Creation programme which will enable them increase their household income.

He reminded them that a single leadership position cannot help everyone.


The President said the government has put more money in the Operation Wealth Creation because during the recent campaign period, some people had complained that the project was helping only two people per village. He revealed under the present set up, a village of 120 families will have about 70 families involved in the project.

“By the third year of this term, I would like all families in villages to have received seeds for cash crops,” Mr. Museveni said.

The President also advised Ugandans to consider growing cash crops such as coffee, cocoa and fruits because they are profitable ventures. He, however, warned that those families who have four acres and below, should not be oblivious to calculate profitable financial turn over by growing crops like sugarcane but rather bananas.


President Museveni was speaking at a Thanksgiving service in honour of Hon. Mbayo Esther that was held yesterday to thank God for new leadership roles as Presidency Minister. Hon. Mbayo Esther is also Woman MP for Luuka district in Busoga Sub-Region.


Mr. Museveni appealed to national leaders and the public to give support to Hon. Mbayo Esther in her new appointment as the portfolio comes with huge responsibilities. He informed the people of Luuka district the appointment of their Woman MP was a gesture of his appreciation for the loyalty and the long continued support to the NRM Government.

The President sounded a strong warning to people and leaders that this term is going to be a ‘no joke’ period because he is determined to fight corruption and theft in public offices. “Those who think that I don’t have power to chase them are joking. A stupid dog is the one that barks at the lion,” he remarked.