By Watchdog reporter
Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni will not forget his latest trip to USA. It is simply a humbling experience.
The president went to attend the annual United Nations general assembly and to make his presence felt in the business and political corridors of New York.
However, what met him is unfathomable.
Mr Museveni spoke to almost an empty Assembly as most seats remained unoccupied. Several big delegates including heads of state didn’t show up, instead, they sent a couple of junior aides in the Assembly who were not enthusiastic as Museveni spoke of NRM “bottlenecks” and “10 point program”.

As if that wasn’t enough, at the USA-Africa Business Summit in New York, Museveni was invited there as a spectator. The Ugandan leader wasn’t allowed to speak, a humbling experience for a man who regards himself as a voice for Africa peace and development.
Instead, heads of state for Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tunisia, South Africa, and Ivory Coast spoke at the event.
The event attended by US president Barack Obama, Secretary of state John Kerry, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, among others, was a hot cake and prime time event for who is who in the world of power.
The summit organized by US department of commerce also had African billionaires such Dangote address it, plus other billionaires from North Africa, South Africa and Kenya.
Mr Museveni humbly sat down and listened to the real powerful people in world speak.