By our reporter

After a trying time for security with public bickering of generals Kale Kayihura and Henry Tumukunde, President Museveni has struck when his officers least expected.

The stroke that broke the camel’s back was the death at the hands of her kidnappers, a 28 year old Susan Magara. Magara’s death exposed the president to redicule since as head of state and commander in chief was involved in the hunt for the kidnapped girl in vain. She was delivered dead. The girl’s family was also sh700 million less, having succumbed to demands of her captors.

New IGP Okoth Ochola

Uganda has been on trial since it emerged Tumukunde and Kayihura were not working amicably. There were accusations and counter accusations, as crime escalated and several homicides reported.

New Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwiine

President Museveni, through his spokesman Don Wanyama, dropped the bombshell, handing the ministry of security to a safe pair of hands in Gen Elly Tumwine his first army commander and Okoth Ochola, who has been Kayihura’s deputy promoted to IGP, making him the first professional police officer to head police in atleast 15 years. However, under Ochola, power will be under his deputy, a tested soldier and commander in Sabiiti Muzeeyi who has been military police commandant. Muzeeyi has also served the president as deputy commander of Special Forces which was headed by Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

New Deputy IGP Sabiiti Muzeei

Kayihura and Tumukunde, have not been deployed which indicates the president wants both men to cool down and reflect before he deploys them again.

Fired Kale Kayihura

The Sunday appointments bring Gen Kayihura’s long run as IGP where he became an officer wielding a lot of power and authority. Tumukunde on the other hand, becomes one of the shortest serving security minister in the docket.

Fired Henry Tumukunde

The five appointments and disappointments were welcomed countrywide. Museveni has been hailed for this move.