By Watchdog reporter

Apparently, the presidential age limit discussion is a hot topic now days.

Many people especially opposition members like former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye have come out to assure Ugandans that they will not let President Yoweri Museveni tamper with the national constitution in order to lift the age limit.

However, though that is said, during an interview with Aljazeera, President Museveni seemed to have given a signal that the constitution will be amended to see the disputed presidential age limit lifted.

First when he was asked whether he was going to run for another term regardless that the constitution doesn’t favour him in terms of age, Museveni responded that he will follow the constitution and all the following questions relating to his age, he persistently responded with the same phrase,” We shall follow our constitution,” without even giving a clear explanation.

The way he used to respond to the questions regarding the age limit, gave viewers a thousand thoughts, it looked like he was really planning to amend the constitution in a way that favours him.

The 1995 Constitution bars any person above the age of 75 years to contest for presidency and currently Museveni is 72 years meaning he is remaining with three years to give up on power.

Parliament can lift the restriction on age limit with a two thirds majority,which allows anyone above the age of 75 to contest for presidency.

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